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Handmade jewelry Store in Williamsburg has custom jewelry by an Artist last across generations. The English poet John Keats famously declared, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  That’s why The Precious Gem Master Goldsmith and custom jewelry designer Reggie Akdogan takes such enormous pleasure in helping his clients to design and create their own beautiful custom jewelry.  The unique jewelry pieces that Reggie helps bring to reality through working with the ideas and rough sketches of his clients are indeed a joy to behold. 

Reggie is one of the most celebrated custom designed Jewelers on the east coast.  His jewelry designs and creations for The Precious Gem in Williamsburg have won numerous awards from his jeweler peers.  Reggie brings to his design work a blend of old world charm and new world flair.  But Reggie also receives fresh inspiration from his clients whose design ideas stimulate him as he works to create very special pieces of fine jewelry.


There are several approaches to working with Reggie in creating a custom design.  Frequently, clients have inherited jewelry which is no longer fashionable but contains valuable stones or precious metal.  Depending upon the preferences of the client, Reggie can suggest some designs that will re-use the stones and precious metal in a new setting or, alternatively, incorporate the stone or stones in an existing mounting in the form of a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings.   

In other cases, a customer may want to sit down with Reggie and discuss with him their design concept which would utilize loose stones and precious metal available for sale at The Precious Gem.  Every stone sold at The Precious Gem Jewelry Store in Williamsburg  VA is certified and has been hand-selected by Reggie during his extensive trips in the U.S. and overseas.  When he can, Reggie likes to go to the source of the stones in order to get the best selection in size and quality.  But if there is a particular stone whose size and cut is not immediately available  Reggie is able to turn to literally hundreds of sources to find stones that meet the client’s needs.

After the initial meeting, Reggie will draw up a preliminary design and a cost estimate for review by the client.  At this stage of the process the design will be refined and subject to the client’s approval.  Once approved, the creative work of a custom design begins in Reggie’s workshop. His work is in great demand and he always has a backlog. For that reason, the minimum amount of time from final approval to delivery to the client is six to eight weeks.   Yes…it takes time but the wait is always worth it when you hold in your hand something that you have helped to create with the aid of a master craftsman famous for his world class design and impeccable craftsmanship. 

Do you want to get started with your own custom design?  

Begin by making an appointment with Reggie at:

(757) 220-1115 –The Precious Gem, 423 W. Duke of Gloucester Street at Merchants Square in Williamsburg

The Precious Gem
 is truly honored to be part of so many of our client’s precious moments.